How sad it is that often, the only way distant family and friends can make remembrances is through, phone calls, cards or flowers. As nice as these gestures are, they just can’t replace actually participating in the celebration of life for someone close.

Now, you can involve every friend and family member, wherever they are at the time of the ceremony. provides an easy-to-use webcasting system that empowers families and funeral homes to broadcast live memorial video and sound via the Internet. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who can’t attend.

The system couldn’t be easier to use. Setup takes about five minutes in virtually any location with a wired or WiFi broadband connection. Viewers are invited via email, and they just click on a link to view the service. And, since the system is so portable, it’s possible to broadcast both the memorial service and internment.

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Let everyone say goodbye to treasured love ones. Share memorial services virtually—with LiveEventStream